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Virtual Linx Solutions are a team of passionate Linux professionals with a strong performance background and record in a wide variety of solution-based IT services namely Email Server, Website Design, Sales CRM and VOIP Telephony.

Virtual Linx Solutions provide Hybrid Linux software and application alternatives to the very expensive commercial off-the-shelf software.

Our Goal

Our goal is to reduce the actual overhead cost of doing business for our clients by providing IT solutions that have been Developed, Tested and Accepted all over the world.

The Solutions are tailored depending on your business needs while at the same time reducing your overall cost of doing business.

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.We hope you find an offer that best suits your business needs and opt to work with our talented and professional Virtual Linx Team

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Further Services & options to solve your problems

Virtualize Solutions


Virtualization products for enterprise and small business, This provides the masking of server resources including the number and identity of individual physical servers

Secure your Solutions


PF sense is  an open source network firewall distribution software which provides the same functionality or more of common commercial firewalls without any limitations